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We may be getting into the tail end of summer, but that doesn't stop the nation from enjoying the last couple of months of sun on farms and in fields. There are still plenty of festivals left this year, in the UK and beyond, and it pays to have the right kit packed in your bag. Whether you're planning a trip to Lulworth for Bestival, Reading and Leeds, or any of the other top venues this year, our collection has the right clothing to see you through. Baggy shirts, sporty shorts, and sunglasses are the perfect options for your time away. Check out what we have in stock with the buttons below.

We don’t just stock vintage goods at Repsycho. Along with all of our secondhand treasures, our specially selected range of new clothing is packed with quality brands and hand-picked garments which we love.


Kimonos have been around for a very long time. Influenced by Chinese fashion, this garment was first worn in Japan, well over a thousand years ago. Today's examples aren't quite as formal as their older counterparts, but they are just as stunning in their design. Repsycho has a wide range of options when it comes to Kimonos. Whether you're a man or a woman, it will be easy to find something which inspires the feeling of the East. Check out some of our vintage kimonos with the buttons below.


Whether the football season is in full swing or you're waiting for the games to start, your favourite team's shirt is always an essential item for the wardrobe. With our resident footy expert, we've built a collection which will leave any enthusiast lost for words, and it's all available on our site. Browse our store or use the buttons below to see our international, club, and vintage football shirts.

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