A clothing rail full of knitwear and jackets

What to wear in autumn 2020

We seem to be at the time of year when we need to review our wardrobe- a great time to create some new looks and update our outlook. The nights are drawing in, Boris is still pathetic, and we are looking at six months of restrictions.

However, this could be just the time to move into a positive phase; don’t let the news/temperature/restrictions stop you from being the funkiest dresser in the queue.

So, whether you favour the biker vibe, bohemian chic or have a more classic taste this year’s trends have got you covered!

Two young girls wearing winter coats
Two young girls wearing winter coats

Until the end of the 20th century, fashion was dictated by the catwalks of Paris, rigid adherence to the styles of the design houses was required- if they said mini, everyone wore a mini regardless of chunky thighs!

Today fashion has a less dogged approach to the styles and trends, and we are able to dress to suit our own tastes- however, there is usually some conformity when it comes to ready to wear clothing- last winter the shops were full of animal print, tartan and tiers.

This year things to consider if you’re looking to impress as a fashionista include a few themes.

Fringing is back! Rihanna appeared on the cover of September’s Harper’s Bazaar spinning a fringe-embellished, margarine-yellow coat from Bottega Veneta with a fringed Daniel Lee dress beneath. Fringes on coats, dresses and jackets and obvs capes and ponchos. Fringing is good.

Actually, it does make you feel quite Elvis- give it a go!

Leather is not a material that really goes out of fashion, but oversized, structured coats were popular in collections this year- think The Matrix, develop a problem with authority and start glowering.

Several styles seemed to be hungover from last year, maybe the lockdown has encouraged frugalism in designers, but capes, wide belts and big bags all return for another season- I know capes again- woohoo!

Nerdy knitwear is a good thing! Cardigans and sweater vests are dropping its previous reputation this autumn, as many of the biggest labels included the preppy knit. Warm and cosy – a reassuring cuddle in an uncertain world.

Unrelenting black dresses have returned- hurrah, everyone likes a little black number! Moody and sexy, head to toe black were everywhere with some sequins (Valentino) and leather was thrown in, not forgetting thigh length boots (Alexander McQueen) if they take your fancy!

Now the only thing that can vaguely approach the black dress is, of course, the red dress. Popular amongst designers this autumn, whether its lace, vinyl or sequinned, is a bold splash of head to toe bright red, for those exuberant days!

Check it! Be it tartan, plaid, gingham or houndstooth, checks have featured on every autumn catwalk forever, but this autumn, they were punchier than usual. Layer checks to add more impact.

Voluminous sleeves add structure and poise- ok for the catwalk but for an everyday look puffed sleeves do the same job and are totally in!

Patchwork clothing figured quite prominently in several collections (Tom Ford, Marni, Tod’s). Patchwork is a bold look and looks best with monochromatic pieces to ensure it stands out. It’s fun, it’s adaptable, and it’s a little kooky, win, win, win!

Vintage outfits in the Repsycho store
Vintage outfits in the Repsycho store

The most important theme, of course, should be the eco value of your clothing, Oxfam has repeated their Second Hand September campaign this year, and the talk of eco-solutions in the fashion industry is continuing to gain momentum.

New clothes, even those made from sustainable sources can lose their eco value depending on labour conditions, worldwide distribution and the obscene cost of advertisements. Vintage is a fantastic green alternative to the moral conundrums of keeping up with the trends.

Repsycho store front
Repsycho store front

Just a few of the many trends for the Autumn/Winter season 2020-21. Most of the pictured clothes were available in-store at Repsycho, Bristol or online at Repsycho.co.uk at the time of writing. We have a varied and everchanging stock- before you buy give eco vintage a try!