Vintage Homeware: The Joy of the Unknown

Unbranded Leaf Shaped Side Plates

When collecting vintage homeware there are a few areas that deserve a second look. Sometimes the best find is the unknown. Whether it’s a beautiful plate, a delicate glass or simply some cute cutlery the joy of finding something you like is immense.

Vintage Ceramics

Eastern European ceramics have a special vibe – it’s difficult to quantify. Like the Singing Ringing Tree, its clearly different and this is where the excitement begins. Sometimes its awful but it can be absolutely your thing. Taste is different for everyone- no one is telling you this is a good piece, a famous make- its down to you alone.

An Espresso Set, A Small Jug, A Hors D’Oeurve Tray,

Ceramics by less famous makers can also be a complete bargain. Once in France we found a fabulous set of dishes at a vide grenier. We bought them at a reasonable price and later found out they were a known brand. Nonetheless we bought them because they were amazing and we loved them.

Vintage Homeware Glasses

Vintage glasses are a joy. They come in so many shapes and forms. With coloured designs or more delicate etched ones. With jugs, in sets or on their own. Many are so beautifully fragile it is quite scary to handle them! Should you cherish them in the safety of a cupboard or a box or enjoy them as they were designed to be used? Your choice – the really appealing thing about these items is that they are not priced out of usage.

Vintage Homeware Cutlery

Cutlery can be a great item- I’m not necessarily talking about traditional silverware. Vintage cutlery can take many forms and again it depends on your own particular taste. I was given some cute knives as a gift and am looking for some forks or spoons to use with them. This is a little side eddy it is very easy to fall into – I have so many condiment pots without their partner!

Vintage Ornamentals

Finally ornaments, tiles and dishes are an area which is found readily at car boot sales, brocante and in all good vintage shops. They can be extremely good value and add a little individual spark to your home.

Tankard and Lidded Pot, Tile Wall Hanging, Dish/Ashtray

When we are finally allowed to get out there and have fun again keep your eye peeled for these little bargains. Once the mass produced for high streets all over, they have survived and as such deserve some love! In the meantime please browse our website. or our ebaystore.