After a really sad dwindling of markets during the 1990s and early 2000’s, markets do seem to be on the rise again. Many towns and cities in the UK are encouraging this growth as it brings people back into the centres, popularises the area and creates secondary business as well.

At markets you can buy and sell all sorts, from toys, baskets and buckets to plants, glassware and the more bizarre. Regular markets tend to build their own character, they become known for their antiques, their vintage goods or their high street wares.

Car Boots

Needham Car Boot

Car Boots have been a very common form of market during the last 20 years, where ordinary people can pay for a pitch the size of their car(ish). However, there does seem to be less of them around today. Car boots are great for all sorts of items and used to be a very good source of vintage items- the popularisation of ‘vintage’ means that everyone is an expert and bargains are not so available but the trawl can be fun!

A European form of carboot, a ‘viede grenier’ is when houses in a particular area just have an attic/garage sale – no pitch fees and quite a lot simpler too! I found my favourite ever bargain, an amazing set of dishes, at such a market. The Lille Braderie is a massive version of this- the largest market of the kind in Europe.

Star Wars Figures
Fil a Fil Seduction- Fabulous Dishes
French ‘viede grenier’

Festival Markets

IOW Festival

Music Festival Markets can be great sources of vintage clothes. Great music, relaxed atmosphere and shopping too – brilliant! We loved trading at Bristol’s Ashton Court Festival – everything on our stall was cheap- one year every item was just £1!

Obviously, the atmosphere depends on the festival but people are usually quite chilled. Quality and price of the goods on sale depend on the festival. Bigger festivals such as Glastonbury have to provide enclosures for the traders, its generally more difficult to get pitches, they are pricey and therefore so are the goods- you really cannot flypitch anymore!

Flea Markets

Repsycho @ M32 Flea Market

These differ as they are traditionally professional traders paying a higher pitch fee than car boots charge. Today flea markets often have a mixture of vintage traders, car booters and antique goods. So certainly, a wide range of options for all purses!

In the past we saw many traders from Europe which allowed for a more diverse style of goods- hopefully they will return very soon.  Many street and flea markets are essentially the same, however this is not always the case- some of the biggest flea markets in the UK are held at county showgrounds.

Buckets, Baskets and Cars all available at Malvern Flea
West German Pots
Disturbing Stall at Shepton Mallet Flea

Street Markets

These are also usually professional traders with permanent pitches. Street markets are often the oldest markets around selling a wide range of items- think Portobello Road, Camden or Brick Lane.

At Portobello you could start with the junk area at one end and wander through to the more antique section up the road- never forgetting to look through the vintage clothes and accessories under the Westway canopy. In north-east Paris the street market seems to have spread into neighbouring shops and warehouses, providing artistic showrooms for the merchandise while retaining the street market vibe!

St Ouen, Paris

Ashton Court Festival

Although now settled in Gloucester Road, Bristol, Repsycho began life as a market stall, our roots are firmly in the trendy Portobello Road market of the 1980’s. However we also traded in student union markets at unis around the south of England, many, many music festivals including Glastonbury and the wonderful Ashton Court Music Festival in Bristol.

Repsycho @ M32 Flea Market, Bristol

Now a new generation of Repsycho is enjoying the market scene. We can again be found out in all weathers with our wheely rails, tape measure and marker pens! We are at the M32 Flea Market in Bristol on the last Saturday of every month- come and see us!

There are lots of preloved and vintage boots out there waiting for a new owner. Buying second hand can save you a lot of money, give you an item that’s unavailable elsewhere and provide some cool, individual style. In our experience at Repsycho there are a few brands which seem to last and adapt well in the vintage and preloved market.

Dr Martens

DMs SOLOVAIR 11-Hole Steel-Toe BOOT

Dr. Martens aka Doc Martens, Docs or DMs are iconic boots – well known as a very comfortable and stylish boot. They appeal to people who have their own individual style and self-expression. Dr. Marten boots are unique because of their air-cushioned sole, soft leather, durability and quality.

In 1945 a German soldier who wanted to make his army boots more comfortable developed a new boot design. British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought patent rights to manufacture the shoes in the United Kingdom. Griggs anglicised the name, slightly re-shaped the heel to make them fit better, added the trademark yellow stitching, and trademarked the soles as AirWair.

DMs Viviana Women’s Leather BOOT

The first UK Dr. Martens boot came out on April 1st 1960, style 1460 – still in production today. By the early 1970s, Skinheads and Mods started wearing them, and by the late 1980s, they were popular among Punks and members of other youth subcultures. They enjoyed a resurgence in 1990’s as the New Mods and Indie fans adopted them as the footwear of choice.

DMs Pascal Di Paulo BOOT

Today Dr. Martens footwear are available in numerous styles of boots, shoes and sandals. Worn by the rich and famous as well as the more ordinary, enjoying popularity throughout the world. Affordable, versatile, timeless—Dr. Martens has it all!

Sorel Boots

NL 2429 Joan of Artic BOOT

Sorel are well known for their quality winter boots; they have grown in popularity in recent years as their designs have become more fashion orientated while retaining the functionality we expect from Sorel – they call it ‘function first fashion’.

NM 1573 Chesterman Chukka

Founded in Canada, SOREL was originally a line of winter sport/work boots introduced in 1962 by the Kaufman Rubber Company of Kitchener, Quebec, they became its most successful product line, combining expert craftsmanship with protection against cold and wet climates.

NL 1460 Tootega BOOT

Columbia Sportswear bought the Sorel trademark in 2000 and since this time it has been developing very successful fashionable ranges. It has been expanded to include nylon outerwear and other work-related garments as well as slippers, sandals and trainers too.


D95433 Hiker

It’s no surprise that Harley Davidson Boots and footwear are not made by the bike manufacturer but by Wolverine Worldwide, who also make footwear for other brands such as Hush Puppies and Merrell.

94167 Distortion Skull Biker

The boots are heavy duty and well-made of good quality leather but are genuinely stylish too! The boots all have the Harley Davidson name embossed on them somewhere and often bear the eagle logo as well. From a large embroidered eagle to a lace toggle, the detail of design is excellent. Harley Davidson boots and shoes also come in a massive range of styles for women and men- so if it’s a Harley you’re looking for there is one out there for you!

UGG Vintage and Preloved Boots

When surf culture became a worldwide trend in the late 1990’s the footwear naturally followed, they symbolised a sporting but cool, relaxed lifestyle. UGG Australia exploded onto the fashion scene, popularised by celebrities, they rapidly became the casual footwear of choice.

Classic Tall

Classic UGG boots are plain with no adornment, made of sheepskin with no frills, pull on and flat. Available as a short or tall boot originally only available in a couple of colours.

SN 3319 Ariani Suede Fringe Ankle Boot

Obviously, the popularity of this unspectacular boot drove the development of the basic design, more colours, buttons, bows and zips, then embroidery, sequins and crystals! Interest grew and the development continues today. There are enough different styles and shapes to suit every taste- yes, even great men’s styles if you look!

SN 5189 Ranier Boot

UGGs are incredibly durable boots, shoes, slippers and sandals, they feel plush and cosy, they also feel well made. Recollecting their origins and the vibe that made them popular, today it seems that they still have the whiff of the surfer, relaxed, cool and hip!

Durango Vintage and Preloved Boots

DB510 Black Harness BOOT
RO3455 Women’s Red Leather Short BOOT

Durango are a great make of western boots -hardwearing and stylish. Founded in 1966, Durango have developed a range of western boots for men and women- casual, workers and some more ‘exotic’!

Hunter Boots

W23616 Original Tall Gloss Welly

Originally made in Scotland by a producer of tyres, golf balls and rubber flooring as well as wellington boots, Hunters have become synonymous with the ‘green welly brigade’. For many Hunters were considered the footwear of the more affluent, they have been have been tried, tested and developed during two world wars and by several members of the royal family!

W23758 Women’s Original Short WELLY

Hunter boots have enjoyed a renaissance following radical changes, bright colours, interesting textures and cute children’s boots as well as links with the RHS and appearances at London Fashion Week and of course the odd celeb snapped wearing them at Glastonbury have all added to a new attitude to the Hunter boot.

Obviously, there are many more great brands out there – we’ve only mentioned a few. Others well worth a look include Chippewa, Frye and Ariat. At Repsycho we stock various types and brands of footwear, usually they are used items that we check carefully for damage and described honestly to ensure we you can buy from us with confidence. But it is a quickly changing picture, much of the footwear we stock is very popular and therefore moves quickly- best advice is – if you like it, buy it!

We all know that there’s a world of preloved and vintage clothes waiting for us with unique and affordable bargains. Yet many are unsure about purchasing second hand boots and shoes. As experienced used footwear providers we know there are a few pitfalls but there are also numerous positives too. Finding reliable providers is probably key. Hello!

Always bear in mind you are looking at used and sometimes quite old items therefore they may not be perfect or pristine! Sellers are people too- they are not usually trying to trick you, just make an honest living.

Soles and Seams of Preloved and Vintage Footwear

Check the soles – if shopping online check there is a clear photo or ask for one. Examine for signs of uneven or especially heavy wear and consider whether they need repair and if so the cost.

Also make sure the sole to upper seam is intact. Harder online but inspect the stitching- is it broken or does it look scuffed or damaged? If you’re instore examine the joint, the main areas likely to be weakened are at the ball of the foot and around the heel.

Inner View

What about the internal condition of the shoe? A dirty shoe is cleanable, innersoles replaceable but damaged inner heels or worn linings are basic no-nos. Many online sellers do not post photos of the inner shoe or boot- it is quite a tricky shot to take well! But they should confirm in the listing that the footwear is intact internally.

Look For Wear

Examine carefully for worn laces, eyelets and buckle attachments- they may indicate excessive wear which is not immediately apparent or simply indicate added costs of replacement or repair.

Sizing of Preloved and Vintage Footwear

Sizing policies vary. Bear in mind most sellers are quoting the labels of the item. We often find labels that are not consistent, use a comparison table to check, if you are unsure and ask questions.

Returns Policies

Many second hand and vintage outlets do not take returns, you have the opportunity to examine the item at length instore- use it! If you are buying online make sure the returns policy is clear, if there is no opportunity to return the goods- don’t buy them!

At Repsycho we check all footwear before we sell it. Instore we always encourage customers to try on and examine the item. When listing online we try to describe the item fully and honestly so you can make a confident decision.

Vintage clothing is brilliant, but for some it’s just too much hard work. Locating, fixing, cleaning, then it doesn’t bloody fit! Well, whatever your nut loaf with true vintage shopping, vintage-inspired clothing could be the answer.

Why Buy Vintage-Inspired Clothing?

Vintage-inspired clothing is exactly that, contemporarily made clothing but using the styles of the past- primarily the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The advantages are numerous.

Usually, vintage inspired items are spanking brand new- if you like that sort of thing!

Vintage-inspired clothing is more readily available than true vintage.

Vintage-inspired clothing has modern sizing- phew!

Obviously, with modern fabric comes modern care instructions!

The really amazing vintage-inspired piece will match a great vintage style with a really cool pattern design. Perhaps something which would not have been popular in its original era but looks unique now- a modern take on a classic style.

This is the great type of vintage-inspired clothing we like to stock at Repsycho. We’ve listed some of the brands that we have on offer below!

Run & Fly

A British brand based in Leicester, England. Known best for their iconic dino pinafore. The collection includes, sweet knitwear, cute dresses and cool shirts as well as many other fab items in a variety of designs and colours!

This brand utilises amazing retro prints of dinosaurs, buzzy bees, animal prints and flamingos to name only a few of their unique design repertoire! Run & Fly are a vibrant company, producing their clothing in England and mashing contemporary and vintage styles in an exciting and quirky modern twist. Run & Fly is full of funky character!

The Pete Chenaski Experience

As its name conjures up the idea of Jimi Hendrix and psychedelia, the clothes of the Pete Chenaski Experience deliver! The brand has a range of shirts that cater for all needs. Whether you want a cowboy shirt, a seventies shocker or a party frill this brand has something to please all.

Many Chenaski items are limited edition – making them quite exclusive and helping to ensure a unique look for their wearers.

Madcap England Clothes

During the 60s and 70s, Mod clothing was neat, sharp and above all hyper-cool. Madcap England specialises in vintage-inspired clothing from the Mod era. Creating a stylish and colourful brand which is unique without being outlandish.

The collection includes quality, knitted polo shirts as its cornerstone, as well as smart jumpers, hip shirts, cool t-shirts and more. Madcap – named after Syd Barrett’s first solo album, ‘Madcap Laughs’ from 1970. Madcap clothing- not just for Mod’s!

Relco Vintage-Inspired Clothing

Relco began as a specialist Mod outfitter during the sixties with sharp, neat designs. Since then has developed to include more cool, retro and vintage-inspired styles including Punk, Ska and Skinhead styles.

Relco has a well-earned reputation for quality and stylish designs and products. At Repsycho we stock jackets, shirts and braces which are so exceptionally well made we will be expanding our range very soon!

Real Hoxton London

As its name suggests, Real HOXTON London is a quality brand based in East London, concentrating on retro styles from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s- with a modern edge.

Repsycho stocks a few lines from the Hoxton range which includes classic Monkey Jackets and some cool hooded raincoats.

Ada Binks Acrylics

Ada Binks is a unique jewellery and accessory brand based in Brighton. They supply retro-inspired statement pieces and limited-edition ranges made in a variety of colourful acrylic.

In-store, we stock a range of Ada Binks beautifully crafted dangly earrings and studs which complement both retro and contemporary clothing.

Maz Accessories

One of the UK’s largest hat suppliers, provides a finishing touch to an outfit. At Repsycho we stock top hats and fiddler caps for that extra bit of swish to your look.

Revive Vintage-Inspired Eyewear

Repsycho stocks Revive Eyewear in-store, providing cool glasses for men and women in a range of vintage style designs that will give your look the edge this summer!

Grinders Shoes & Boots

The Grinders brand came to major prominence during the late 80s to early 90s. Their boots spearheaded the new ‘work and utility’ street look which eventually ended up on the fashion catwalks!

Grinders street boots of today were originally worn by Skin Heads and then by Punks in the UK, who often only owned one pair of boots. Grinders had to be capable of withstanding anything the elements could throw at them, and yet still be comfortable enough to wear all day, every day!

Today Grinders boots and shoes continue to be made to that high standard, they are unisex, stylish and hard-wearing.

At Repsycho we keep our eye out for great vintage inspired brands and new lines from our regular suppliers. Therefore our range frequently changes and updates. Stay up to date with our new stock instore or online.

Ugg was originally a word used in Australia to describe utilitarian footwear worn for warmth by surfers during the 1960s. Numerous claims have been made as to who actually invented the Ugg boot, that the name came from a description of a pair as ugly, or that they were based on World War I pilots’ boots. When surf culture became a worldwide trend in the late 1990’s the footwear naturally followed, they symbolised a sporting but cool, relaxed lifestyle. UGG Australia (many other brands are available) exploded onto the fashion scene, popularised by celebrities, they rapidly became the casual footwear of choice.

Obviously, the popularity of this unspectacular boot drove the development of the basic design, more colours, buttons, bows and zips, then embroidery, sequins and crystals! Interest grew and the development continues today.

In Australia, UGG’s are used largely as slippers; using this as a starting point Ugg Australia have developed many styles of slippers for both men and women, all of them with the sheepskin innersole.

Stylish, waterproof and unusual, style no. 1001573

Chunky and waterproof men’s Harkley UGG boots

Whatever the critics say, the UGG Australia brand remains popular- doesn’t everyone like comfortable footwear? There are enough different styles and shapes to suit every taste- there are even great men’s styles if you look! They are incredibly durable boots, shoes, slippers and sandals, they feel plush and cosy, they also feel well made. Recollecting their origins and the vibe that made them popular, today it seems that they still have the whiff of the surfer, relaxed, cool and hip!

At Repsycho you can obtain genuine used and vintage UGGs at reasonable prices. We describe the condition of each item fully and honestly to provide you with the UGGs you want without breaking the bank.

Classic UGG boots are plain with no adornment, made of sheepskin with no frills, pull on and flat. Available as a short or tall boot originally only available in a couple of colours.

UGG have developed hugely and there are many collections available, cold weather, waterproof boots and leather ones too, knit boots, trainers, sandals and heels. The list seems to be endless!

The Kensington, leather, buckled boots

UGGs are the fashion world's marmite brand; detractors seem to especially dislike the classics, they have been variously denounced as ugly, dangerous to drive in and have even been banned from an airline! However, the UGG Australia brand is definitely alive and kicking despite many reports of its demise. Diversity has certainly widened the market, as have several major advertising campaigns, marketing more attractive male products and establishing UGG Australia as a ‘premium’ lifestyle brand.

UGGs can be quite expensive for most of us and although it is a well known addage that buying quality saves money in the long term it is also true that the thrifty or those with bills to pay and the new UGG wearer may be a little reluctant to spend so much money- quality used UGGs could be the answer! The insoles of UGGs are often replaceable if required and a very effective cleaner for UGG boots and shoes is available online, however many used UGGs are in such excellent condition that these items are unnecassary! Unfortunetly UGG Australia seem to have an abstract idea about the sizing, comparisons do not always match- generally the EU sizing is the nearest to reality. The answer is to try on UGGs in a shop and see which size is your best fit, then buy a quality used pair from Repsycho!