• Dirndl Knowhow
      Dirndl Knowhow For centuries, the dirndl has been the traditional dress for women in the German-speaking region of the Alps, and notably in Bavaria and in Austria it is still considered the regional or national dress. Traditionally, a dirndl comprises a skirt, a bodice (these can be joined) and the dirndl blouse. An apron may be […]
  • Which Kimono?
    Which Kimono? Recently it has become very fashionable to wear kimono style jackets, they are widely manufactured and sold on the High Street but did you know it is really alternative to wear a real Japanese kimono? but why should you settle for a copy when authentic kimono are beautiful and handmade by experts too! Kimono has come to […]
  • Born in Bristol: the New Repsycho Brand
      Born in Bristol: the New Repsycho Brand   As a team, Repsycho has over 50 years worth of combined experience working in the fashion and clothing industry. In this time, we’ve worked with all sorts of designers, brands, and other businesses to source the items we sell, giving us a varied insight into this lively field. Our commitment to […]
  • From Stall to Store: the Rise of Repsycho
      From Stall to Store: the Rise of Repsycho   Like many of the companies on Bristol’s busy Gloucester Road, Repsycho is proud to be an independent and family-run business. Since 1995 when we opened our doors, we welcome customers from all over the city and beyond, and plan to keep growing. As with any story, though, it’s always best to […]

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