The main problems with true vintage clothing are that you have to hunt for it and it is running out (if you want a specific era) and therefore becoming more expensive. This is where a little bit of vintage inspired clothing goes a pointy winklepicker! Sometimes vintage styles are absolutely what we want but cannot find them or when we do, they don’t bloody fit- vintage inspired is your answer. 

Vintage inspired clothing is exactly that, contemporarily made clothing but using the styles of the past- primarily the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The advantages are numerous. 

- They are made of modern fabrics and this has several benefits, stretchy material provides a snug fit where required, it can be lighter and improvements in fabric manufacture often make vintage inspired outfits easier to wear. 

- Usually they are spanking brand new- if you like that sort of thing! Some people prefer new and that’s cool- with vintage inspired clothing they can still rock a vintage style! 

- Vintage inspired clothing is more readily available than true vintage. You may need to search a little – it’s not always a high street staple. Another problem might be stock, many great lines sell out quickly, so you need to be nifty! 

- The sizing of vintage clothing is often an issue, due to diet, fashion and leisure pursuits, body shapes have changed since the 1950’s. Vintage inspired clothing provides solution with modern sizing- phew! 

- Obviously with modern fabric comes modern care instructions! Vintage clothing can be tricky, dry cleaning and hand washing often being the advice, tumble drying usually a, “Oh no - its shrunk”! No such worries with vintage inspired clothing!

The really amazing vintage inspired piece will match a great vintage style with a really cool pattern design, perhaps something which would not have been popular in its original era but looks unique now- a modern take on a classic style. This is the great type of vintage inspired clothing we like to stock at Repsycho.