There is an old saying about fashion being cyclical – well of course it's true and its brilliant too! It means we can find all sorts of vintage items that have endured the mean streets of yesteryear and are ready to rock again! Many true vintage items are well made ones - they have made it through without bursting at the seams, stretching out of shape or fading to a pale memory of a former glory. They are the survivors- treat them with respect! 

True vintage fashion can include the unbranded, the handmade and the high street -now the sought after as they become more unique with every passing year. It also includes the upper crust vintage designer pieces which are often well documented, photographed and equally sought after. Is it just as exciting to find an old St Michaels label as an Ossie Clark labelled item? Hell no, but it is still quite a buzz to a true vintage fashion detective! 

The development of fabrics, sizing and manufacturing styles can all help to identify and age true vintage clothing. Older fabrics can be more sumptuous and substantial than modern counterparts, well cut and assembled. Sizing can be an issue with preloved clothing, improved nutrition and exercise regimes mean we are generally bigger- taller and wider. Changes in fashion and the move toward more comfortable clothing means we no longer require tiny waists and pointed busts. Sizing has developed and a medium in 1960 could well be a small or extra small today. At Repsycho we try to measure each older vintage item carefully and include the information in our listing.

 Labels from retro brands can be really great too – some are really pretty; some are small works of art and some are simply nostalgic reminders of the past!

The great thing about modern fashion is there is no specific ‘in thing’ - wear what you like! Fashion through the ages has been used to denote your status and wealth. Today it is more about how you feel, how you want to be seen, who do you like? We have the freedom to express ourselves – with preloved clothing we also have the affordability, well we do at Repsycho!